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All hats and headpieces are carefully hand made by Eleanor, the artistic mind behind Eleonora Millinery. From the body of the hat to the very last pearl, every stage of the creative process and each single component is attentively curated and thoughtfully designed by Eleanor. She will make you feel unique and enhance your personality with bespoke creations. 

Theatrical millinery

HEX, National Theatre

Costume designer Katrina Lindsay



Four Headpieces for four Characters


Pippi, Elektra, Juliet and Cybelle. Using hand-shaped classic materials, contemporary techniques, wire construction, a combination of delicate and earthy colours, this collection will take you into a dreamy, nostalgic, theatrical dimension.

Whirl of Passion

A tribute to the father of the Italian language, Dante Alighieri, for the 700th anniversary of his passing.

Feeling deeply connected to her Italian roots, Eleanor wanted to pay tribute to him with a headpiece inspired by Canto V of the first section of the work Inferno (Hell), from the narrative poem, The Divine Comedy:  the poem tells the story of the poet’s travel through the three “worlds” of human condition: Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.

In Canto V reside the souls overcome by lust. Such souls are caught up together in an eternal dark storm, bumping up and down against each other like birds in a tornado. The violent punishment mirrors the violence of the sinful passion to which they fell prey during their lifetime. 

London Hat Week 2020

“Bon Ton Brisshat” (on the left), was showcased at the London Hat Exhibition To the Future and Back. The exhibition was part of the London Hat Week 2020 and it was held at the Black Swan Studios.

This hat is inspired by the design for a stage dress, “Le Prologue or La Comédie au Château”, illustrated by Pierre Brissaud in La Gazette du Bon Ton, 1920.